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"Lara is a fantastic yoga teacher, I can not say enough good things! She teaches yoga classes that are suited to all levels of experience from beginners to advanced. She is always so encouraging and willing to help out in any way she can."     -L.B., San Diego

"I love how Lara takes challenging yoga poses and breaks them down with modifications for yogis of all levels - making them attainable. After attending Lara's class, I was inspired to deepen my yoga practice (I'm hooked!)." - R.S., San Diego


"To new and older Ashtanga practitioners alike, Lara brings a boundless enthusiasm for the practice, a gentle but sure hand with adjustments to postures, and the quiet, steady focus on keeping us attentive to the fact that all of asana is merely an introduction and means to the develop the deeper and ultimately more important aspects of yoga. New students benefit from her clear demonstrations and her natural sense of compassion; older students value her commitment to the practice and the seriousness she brings to connecting body to breath, breath to focus, focus to engaged detachment as a preparation for meditation. But I think all of us treasure equally her sincerity, integrity, and genuineness. These are what help to make a class a community, and I've always been grateful to Lara for facilitating that." - J.B., San Diego


"I have enjoyed Lara’s yoga instruction; she is natural teacher. She brings a great attitude and smile to class that inspires me to take my practice to the next level.  I would recommend her to anyone at all levels of yoga." - J.I., San Diego 


"Lara's instruction blends a perfect mix of meditative yoga, athletic challenges, and humor. Her classes help me to reset so I can be more mindful and creative in my work and home life." - M.C., San Diego

"No one should pass up the opportunity to practice yoga under this teacher! She is patient, understands the postures, and gives great insight at the end of class. Lara understands how many of us are just getting started and offers variations to postures as you improve in your practice. So many of us who have studied with her wish we could take her class daily." -L.M., San Diego


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